Ron Carlson Arctic Expeditions

Ron Carlson Arctic Expeditions
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Friday, February 11, 2011

Podcast from NOVA on Franklin's doomed Expedition of 1845

This video podcast was produced by Susan K. Lewis and edited by David Levin and Gayle Anonuevo. NOVA is produced by WGBH in Boston. Funding for NOVA is provided by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and public television viewers.


  1. Cool video podcast. I love these adventure stories. I'm following you closely Ron!

  2. Excellent podcast, thank you for posting. Good luck with your search and research on the Franklin Expedition - I wasn't familiar with it until I started really digging into general info on so-called "doomed" expeditions (this got me started, and Franklin jumped WAY out immediately: I wish you the best of luck with your ongoing projects!

    (Not Anonymous, but no Blogger account yet):