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Ron Carlson Arctic Expeditions
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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

2011 Main Objective

Just like the mystery of where the ships HMS Erebus and Terror may rest today on the ocean floor, on land there are many square miles to consider as possible resting places for the remains of Sir John.  Or was he buried at sea?  I think not.  But no one knows for sure.  And if on the land, he may not have had the benefit of the ceremonious keeping's of Torrington, Hartnell and Braine, who still remain buried today at Beechey Island, deep below the permafrost, intact in their coffins.  The Admiral's bones may be in a covered rock hollow, and/or scattered around.

King William Island, Nunavut
But according to the famous note left  by Fitzjames and Crozier, the Admiral died early compared to the majority.  Theoretically one would think that most of the men were still able at this point in time.  So it seems there is a decent chance that he is still out there well preserved in some form.

To date I have flown here locally many times testing the aerial thermal scanning techniques and then  executing subsequent image analysis.  The data storage is large and the careful inspection of each frame must be properly deciphered.  I have discovered that the amount of time to properly analyze data and images is  enormous.  Not likely I will have opportunity to properly sift through it all when up there, so although the overall objective is to find Sir John, the main goal this year will be to just properly gather all the thermal/photographic data.

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