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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Baymaud (Maud) Update - Looks like "C'est la vie"

News has it that Norway will raise her and bring her all the way back home very soon (if this other blog is true - click here), pursuant to the Canadian Cultural Property Export Review Board.  Their ruling this April was to grant the export permit for the Maud, which will be issued by the Canada Border Services Agency at the request of the Norwegian applicants. 

Too bad this could not be in a museum in Cambridge Bay? 

C'est la vie.

The Maud, built in Asker, Norway and named after Norway’s Queen Maud, was sold to Hudson’s Bay Company in 1925 and rechristened the Baymaud. It ended its days as a floating warehouse and the region’s first radio station before sinking at its moorings in 1930.

Maud winters at Cambridge Bay 1929

Maud - sailing the high arctic
Roald Amundsen

Go to this site (click here) to keep current with Baymaud (Maud) recovery efforts.

Here below  is a pic from 2011 when Norwegien divers investigated the condition of the hull.

This how the Maud's hulk looked from underwater last August 2011

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