Ron Carlson Arctic Expeditions

Ron Carlson Arctic Expeditions
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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Arrived at Final Base Today - Cambridge Bay

30 minutes out of Baker Lake
I made Baker Lake in three hours this morning.  Then a quick fuel turn and then three and a half hours later landed Cambridge Bay. 

So all in 7 hours.  Had a bit of a nail biter with the always fun final instrument approach for landing with 200 foot ceilings and intermittent fog once hitting the mainland to the north of the gulf.  

First fracture - Queen Maud Gulf edging across Dease Strait today

What made it a nail biter was that it was a non precision approach  - RNAV Rwy 13 True with MDA at 298 AGL.  Translated, that means that you don't have the most accurate airport approach setup guiding one in here and when you get down to 298 feet above the ground and don't see the runway, you have to declare "missed approach" and either climb, circle and try again, or go to an alternate airport > like almost 200 miles away.  Sure.  

Queen Maud having her way, creating odd low weather patterns.  It is still frozen thick and solid in a deep turquoise glow of wind swept glass.  It was stunning.  

Spring is late up here this year I am told.

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