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Monday, June 13, 2011

Ice Pack Almost Gone Now in Churchill

Hudson Bay on June 3, 2011 - Churchill
Hudson Bay on June 6, 2011 - Churchill
Since I arrived here in Churchill, the endless ice pack on Hudson Bay has all but disappeared.

When I had arrived  on an earlier trip years ago; July (a month earlier in the year) it was year 2000.  There were large broken ice flows from shore to 5 miles out, and after that, solid pack ice.  I guess things are warming up earlier in recent years after all.  But plenty of ice pack up north where I am going.  And that ice pack will be there for a few more weeks or longer.  Would rather fly across ocean ice than ocean water, as I am configured without my floats on this expedition.

Hudson Bay on June 11, 2011 - Churchill
Well, I will soon be off to fly north again from here.  It will be two long flight legs, about 4 hours each, depending on winds aloft.  Will depart Churchill for Baker Lake, a quick fuel turn, then  across the arctic north's barren lands, on up across the expanse of Queen Maud Gulf and then finally landing in Cambridge Bay, which will be fuel base.  

Flight route in red (click to enlarge)

That's 175 miles away from the north side of King William Island as the crow flies, but really 200 miles distant for me, as I will try to stay nearer south when I cross the ocean each time, off the coasts of the Royal Geographical Society Islands and the like, in case I encounter problems at any time.

The present hot question is:  Will I be a "Research Explorer" or an "Explorer Tourist"?  As of this writing, I have not heard whether my permit is approved or not approved.  Supposed to know by mid June.  That's this week.  Stay tuned - as soon as I hear, I will post the news.

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