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Ron Carlson Arctic Expeditions
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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

CBC - U.S. man's search for Franklin's grave shut down

CBC article from July 11 here.

And the question still is:
Why did CLEY decline Mr. Carlson's application before Gjoa Haven Counsel had a chance to vote either way?  

Gjoa Haven community's opinion does not matter?

CLEY stalled by advising Mr. Carlson that the reason that the permit application review process was not finished was because of waiting for "Stakeholder Response" (Gjoa Haven's Counsel).

In less than 24 hours after Mr. Carlson advised CLEY the "good news" that Gjoa Haven was going to approve him, CLEY emailed that he was declined.  Then subsequent arrest and jail threats for simply overflight of known site "boat place".

From CLEY's website: 
The Department of Culture, Language, Elders and Youth was established to provide leadership within the Government of Nunavut in the development and implementation of policies, programs and services aimed at strengthening the culture, language, heritage and physical activity of Nunavummiut...............promoting healthy active living by supporting amateur sport and local recreational opportunities in communities, and encouraging ongoing dialogue between Elders and youth and the government. 

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