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Ron Carlson Arctic Expeditions
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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Interesting Find

The weather has been miserable up until the last couple of days.  Very high winds, rain, rain and more rain.  Internet access has been down for close to a week now, finally back up two days ago, but slow and very intermittent.  My only guess is that it must be that the satellite dishes are pointed below the horizon and signals have to be received through an almost endless horizontal cross section of the weather.

Anyway, to catch up more, included in my “site seeing” that day (when I looked at Boat Place) I also flew up to see Victory Point and Cape Felix just to have a look see.  No thermal, no "surveying" of course.  It was a little disappointing, not too exciting, not much to see.  Especially not landing yet.  But hey I was there. What was more fun was my “to and from” route, as I was looking down out my side window on the north and northwest coast and returning parallel on the interior of King William Island.  The topography is very intriguing because I found that a person can see any slight unnatural ground disturbance on this land, even if caused long ago. It is unlike Victoria Island or many of the other land masses up here that I have been flying over.  It’s so very monolithic, colorless, flat and even more barren, if that is possible.  Also, I did make one happenstance find significantly inland that could be a deep ground burial.  It appeared as a subtle rectangular disturbance of gravel.  Most of the aboriginal graves that I have seen, read or heard about are shallow or above ground with large flat rocks, wood, any debris.  I am not an expert on this but this was rather smooth, same color, but slightly different texture.  I had always considered that in burying Sir John, that they may have felt it fitting to march inland a mile or two, or three…or even more.  And then again, it could be just another anomaly - I saw many cracks here that went hundreds of yards long that were perfectly straight as if drawn on a string, and in some places where they would cross almost perfectly perpendicular.  

More later today or tomorrow.  Will catch up on other important events as you will soon see.

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