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Friday, July 15, 2011


There seems to be a case building that maybe the Canadian government team has been taking a painstaking approach in making applicants divulge every last detail of their project, then after rejecting, copying the good parts.

Autonomous underwater vehicle

My 2003 application proposed zodiac boat with side-scan sonar to look for the ships.  HMS Investigator found last year by government team with zodiac boat and side-scan sonar, partnering with a defector of my team.

Procom 2009 bid proposed AUV's (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle).  This year, the Canadian government team now has proposed adding AUV's to their arsenal. 

Should we look for the Canadian government team to commence aerial thermal scanning for Sir John Franklin's tomb for 2012?


  1. Don't forget David Woodman who was the one who zeroed in on O'Reilly Island region for the ships based on years of study of Inuit testimony and many of his own expeditions. Was eventually rejected on his permit too and look at where they are focusing their efforts this summer.


  2. The latest from Parks Canada is that the search will continue off of the west coast of King William Island. This would seem to indicate a search area north of the RGS Islands however last year's search track tended more towards the O'Reilly / Kirkwall island area that David Woodman talks about in his book.