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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Good News and Bad News

Just 5 minutes ago I received word from the hamlet office of Gjoa Haven that I was officially approved at the Gjoa Haven Counsel meeting last night to commence with my proposed work.  It's now official.  They are excited and support me fully to proceed with my work.  I want to help them too.  

The bad news is that I have also received an email from CLEY threatening me with a fine, arrest and jail, for future flying over King William Island.  I guess it is against the law to fly over the island or anywhere in this near region.  I will share the details very soon on that.


  1. Wow...just wow. Let us know what happens with this turn of events, Ron. I am wishing you success and luck in dealing with CLEY.

  2. Good luck Ron! Wish I was with you...

  3. Best of sorry about this kind of treatment. You're very strong!

  4. I do not believe that CLEY has any jurisdiction whatsoever over airplane flights -- there's certainly no issue of restricted airspace!!

    However, the most literal possible reading of the territorial regulations would be that any photographing of any actual or potential archaeological site is illegal without a permit. Of course, the whole of the territory south of the Barrow Strait is *potentially* such a site, so if followed literally then no outdoor photography would be allowed, which is of course ridiculous.

    I hope your supporters in Gjoa, and all of your supporters here, will count for something -- it would be absurd of CLEY to make any proceedings against you.